Tuesday, November 27, 2012


I miss here, my blog.
Well, I couldn't get myself into sleep, so I turn up here
Whenever I couldn't sleep, something must be in my head

I know I've been missing lots of my post
I wanna blog about our Birthday of the year:)

Dear Birthday falls on September which is 2 months ago, I know it's a bit late but forgive me. We decide to go Tao @ Auto City to have our lunch since he never went there before, it's his Birthday so I decided to treat him this time! :)

                                                 couldn't resisted their scallopp !! wootz!

                                       and We took some photo before leaving , Teehee! 

 I gave him the Birthday Cake once we reach home, it's handmade by me btw, I guess is noticeable,  since there are some flaw and imperfection of the cream! I swear I had tried my best on the cream, but it easily gets hard but it's difficult to spread evenly on the cake, this is my first handmade icing cake thou, Imperfection means something from me isn't ? HAHA!

 Although the time we spend together getting lesser, but we treasured every moment we spent together, and srsly, I hate the moment that I had to send him away to bus station or he whenever he is sending me away, super hard feelings.

It's November now, which means my Birthday month! A advanced BBQ Party decided in a sudden for my 21st Birthday. Thank you my gang of buddies that come along celebrate with me, I had a great night with u guys! We don't normally meet up very often now as all of us have our life in different places, but I do hope our friendship continues and grows deeper year by year. :)

I went KL on my actual Birthday weekend to celebrate with Dear. We had our dinner @ Plan B, Publika.

 Compare with 2 months ago, his hairstyle changes him a lot! OMG! and I personally prefer this, looking fresh! heheee!

                         Thank you dear for surprising me with Wondermilk cupcakes, I LOVE IT! 

Lastly, my Kampar gang of friends gave me a lil surprise too! It's my 3rd year celebrating with the green shirt noob! hahaha!

 I had a wonderful 21st with my family, friends and love one. Thank You very much! I heart u all! ♥ ♥ 

p/s: As we grow, so as our responsibilities 

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Penang trip with the girlss

Finally sem break is here , I could breath awhile, take a break from stressful studies. It's been a year since I started my Uni life, almost couldn't believe it, time past real fast.

Although Uni life wasn't seems the way I wanted, but, I'm grateful that I met such great friends here. We went for a short trip to Penang last month, which was great and memorable, we have lots of fun all the way! :)

Here we go! Penang! I actually went Penang very frequently every year with my family, but I never have the chance to taste the local food around there, so our purpose is to hunt Penang's food & of course pic time! Before heading to Penang, we stopped by St.Anne Church at Bukit Mertajam to have a walk after our lunch. The place was nice, somehow I feel myself was standing in Europe country,sorry for 'Dreaming' HAHA! 

head back to ShuJun's house to take a clean bath, and enjoy the sunset from her room over here :) and we are off the the famous Raja Uda Tomyam for our dinner.

All I would say is DELICOUSSSSSSS! I finish all up and I miss it so much right now! :( 

 We are going to Penang on the 2nd Day, my 1st try Share Tea, surprisingly I don't quite like it, 
maybe because of the thick creamy milk on the top, since I'm not really a milk-lover.  

Thanks to Ernest Zacharevic, such a great artist who beautify our Penang Streets with wall murals, making Penang a wonderful place to visit. We don't miss this chance to take beautiful pictures too ! My first visit to Chew Jetty with all the girlss:)

'Children in the boat' 
'Little boy with Pet Dinosaur' 
'Little children on the bicycle' 
Too bad we don't take picture with all the murals, cause we couldn't find some of it :( 

so eventually we went for dinner at James Foo Restaurant, 

Here goes my dinner, looks little but full :p all of us are tiring after walking around in the town, when our food is serve we din't take picture of that, and they were nice too !

The next day, we had our lunch at Korean Bbq, 

see how lovely are both of them :) 

Oh no..I started to miss all of this especially the soup and grilled chic! so Yummmeh! blogging foods makes me hungryy..

It's late now, have to off to sleep,
good nights world!:)

Saturday, May 12, 2012

It's last day of exam, second semester in Uni

He decided to withdraw from study, to pursue his own dream
and I supported him.

Well, I screwed up my last paper that I put so much effort throughout the sem,
for not getting myself to fail my coursework, and I actually did it
but, we all knew that the paper make the last call.
and this is it, if I meant to fail.

It's holidays,
Pray for a miracle, hopes thing will go better :) 

Saturday, April 7, 2012


Hello, Bloggie :D

It's April now,
I realize how fast the time pass when I checked my last update of my blog,
It was still last year.
Aww, such a boring dead blog huh ~

Well, I admitted that there have been a lot of happenings,
including I've transferred to Uni.
I'm still stuck with the same old place thou,
But, life completely change.

Lots of things have to catch up including those paper work, procedures for transferring students,
Yet, still not mention about personal issue, studies and some bad luck happened to me lately.

However, no matter how bitter our life are seems to be,

There are sweet things around too

which is my best buddies 21st bday on March

Surprise for her in Taiping,
we were in a rush, so just a simple celebration for her
I cant forget her expression at the time *^^* HAHAHA!!
Chai, Happy 21st again

It's Li 21st ,
celebration for her in Kampar with her classmates together with Tpg Kaki :)
Happy Birthday ,Li
wish u have a memorable 21st

Hopes April treats me well

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Sorry for dragging the post for so long ,

sorry for abandon my bloggie :)

I'll start with my 20th B'day Post

Thanks for all the wishes, celebration, Pressie that I receive ,

I really appreciated a lot

We have our dinner at Euro House on my Bday Eve

Yum Yum *Thumbs Up*

Thanks for the cake from my buddies

Simple celebration yet meaningful


That's our bro Mr.Roy Chong 21st Bday,

A surprise celebration for him at Station 1

Nice Bday cup cake from his girl ,

Such a Chelsea Huge Fans !

Sing K session with buddies was fun too !

Finally we meet up with Chai Buddy ,

we miss u muchie

we are buddies for life,

Although we are separate, but it doesn't change about our friendship :)

I always heartz u both

Picta with Mr.bday boy XD

Photo session after sing k session ")

look who has biggest head! haha !

It's Christmas Eve !!

Having home party are just warm & sweet

Merry Christmas

I've to work on Christmas Day, but is okay , I was then informed that there will be a BBQ and present exchanging session after my work :)

Our BBQ starts at about 11pm , after we have some food, is time for exchange present !

She is really adorable

I received Hwa's pressie, how lucky I'm !
and Kitt received mine :)

After all of us get our present, we rush to the nearest table to unwrap it !
hahaha! Like a bunch of kids !

Almost forget that we should take a picture 1st XD

These are all the presents ! :)

I'm glad that this year Christmas I've lots of fun and joy , with dearest family and friends

much blessed :)

After Christmas , it's New Year ! 2012!

Happy New Year everyone

I went KL with family , and meet up with them !

Shue Ling, Agnes & Miko

Thanks for meeting me though they are having final exam soon :)

Miss u guys lot too since graduated,

we used to meet each other everyday in class but we seldom could meet up now

Hope u guys are doing well in final , all the best :)

I M&M's so much but my ridiculous face are really funny !

Finally I could meet up with Dear but it was really short

I wish to spend more time with You ~

I miss You

p/s: I want more clothes XD