Tuesday, November 27, 2012


I miss here, my blog.
Well, I couldn't get myself into sleep, so I turn up here
Whenever I couldn't sleep, something must be in my head

I know I've been missing lots of my post
I wanna blog about our Birthday of the year:)

Dear Birthday falls on September which is 2 months ago, I know it's a bit late but forgive me. We decide to go Tao @ Auto City to have our lunch since he never went there before, it's his Birthday so I decided to treat him this time! :)

                                                 couldn't resisted their scallopp !! wootz!

                                       and We took some photo before leaving , Teehee! 

 I gave him the Birthday Cake once we reach home, it's handmade by me btw, I guess is noticeable,  since there are some flaw and imperfection of the cream! I swear I had tried my best on the cream, but it easily gets hard but it's difficult to spread evenly on the cake, this is my first handmade icing cake thou, Imperfection means something from me isn't ? HAHA!

 Although the time we spend together getting lesser, but we treasured every moment we spent together, and srsly, I hate the moment that I had to send him away to bus station or he whenever he is sending me away, super hard feelings.

It's November now, which means my Birthday month! A advanced BBQ Party decided in a sudden for my 21st Birthday. Thank you my gang of buddies that come along celebrate with me, I had a great night with u guys! We don't normally meet up very often now as all of us have our life in different places, but I do hope our friendship continues and grows deeper year by year. :)

I went KL on my actual Birthday weekend to celebrate with Dear. We had our dinner @ Plan B, Publika.

 Compare with 2 months ago, his hairstyle changes him a lot! OMG! and I personally prefer this, looking fresh! heheee!

                         Thank you dear for surprising me with Wondermilk cupcakes, I LOVE IT! 

Lastly, my Kampar gang of friends gave me a lil surprise too! It's my 3rd year celebrating with the green shirt noob! hahaha!

 I had a wonderful 21st with my family, friends and love one. Thank You very much! I heart u all! ♥ ♥ 

p/s: As we grow, so as our responsibilities 

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